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Click here to see our cloth pool table cover color offerings!Our mission is simple... offer billiard enthusiasts a cloth pool table cover with a luxurious feel that encourages them to protect their pool table without compromising their billiard room dcor. A Putapn cloth pool table cover will heighten the visual impact of your billiard room environment while extending the life of your pool table felt and maintaining the condition of your rails!

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Jet Black and
Milk Chocolate


A must have pool table accessory!

I just like the feel of my cloth pool table cover! I've told all my friends about it already"
S. Johnson, Orange County, California

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After intensive research and fabric testing, Putapn has dramatically enhanced the look and feel of pool table covers. Finally, a pool table cover you would rather have on than off! Using textiles of the new millennium, Putapn offers many features not previously possible.

  • Five sizes to choose from.
  • Sueding on top for a soft, irresistible feel and a luxurious, rich look.
  • Satin backing to caress and protect fine woodwork and rail inlays.
  • A sumptuous color ensemble that easily coordinates with any interior design or home dcor theme.
  • Dense fabric fibers to protect table felt, rails, and pockets from dust.
  • Wrinkle resistant for no-fuss care.
  • Lightweight, regardless of size, for easy handling both on and off the table.
  • Completely machine-washable.

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